CDL FC Tie Southern West Virginia King’s Warriors For A Second Time

Cincinnati, OH, June 7 2014 – The Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC (2-0-2) hosted the Southern West Virginia King’s Warriors (1-2-1) at Xavier University’s soccer complex on a beautiful Saturday evening.  The Cincinnati defense was put to the test in the first half, but the tables were turned in the second, when Southern West Virginia was put on the defensive.


The Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC were on defense in the beginning as the King’s Warriors started attacking immediately. They controlled the first five minutes as they passed and kept possession. The King’s Warriors Elijah Upkong, took the ball down the right and moved to the middle, and in the second minute, shot hard and fast but the ball went just wide right of the Lions goal. In the third minute, the Lions found themselves in trouble again as Cincinnati’s keeper Eric Osswald made a diving save to his left and pushed a hard shot ball out wide. Cincinnati started slowly, but on their second run down the field, Jordan Grant got a hold of the ball and from the left, shot hard putting the ball in the back of the net and the Lions found themselves ahead by one in the tenth minute. Cincinnati’s Grant would make several more runs to the opponent’s goal, once being taken down in the box, but there was no foul and no additional goal. Possession returned to Southern West Virginia as Cincinnati worked hard to defend their goal. In the twenty first minute King’s Warriors Gideon Asante evened the score when a foul was called against the Lions just outside the box. The shot was hard and fast to the far, top corner and even a leaping Osswald could not save it.  Because of the quick and constant pressure of the King’s Warriors, the Lions midfield continued to have trouble setting their forwards up for success and in the thirty second minute they lost the ball and Upkong wasted no time taking it down the right and going to the goal. The Lions defense failed and Upkong was one on one with the Lions keeper. Cincinnati’s Osswald dove for the save, but deflected the ball and Southern West Virginia’s Upkong followed putting his second shot high in the goal. Cincinnati came back and went for goal and in the thirty third minute the Lions Jeff McClure ripped a ball left to right, but nobody could finish.  Cincinnati’s Chris Harmon had a chance in the forty first, but Southern West Virginia keeper Jonathan Davis covered the ball. He stepped up again minutes later to punch the ball out. The half ended with the Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC 1 and the Southern West Virginia King’s Warriors 2.


The second half saw Cincinnati under pressure immediately by Southern West Virginia, but the Lions defense and keeper managed to hold on. Substitutions at the half gave the Lions some fresh legs and in the fiftieth minute Cincinnati’s Rowin van Zaanen found space on the left and just outside the eighteen and he shot hard scoring a second goal for Cincinnati. The game was tied at two.  The game started to turn for the Lions and they were the ones with the quicker step, good pressure and more possession, ultimately leading to more chances.  In the seventy fifth minute Cincinnati had a chance with a free kick, but van Zaanen hit the ball hard and high. More chances would follow for both teams as play went from field to field.  The Lions had a chance in the eighty fifth minute when a throw in dribbled in front of the King’s Warriors goal but no Lion found the end of it and the ball was pushed out back. Cincinnati had the corner, but the Southern West Virginia keeper, Davis was there to punch the ball forward. Play was intense and exciting at both ends until the very end, but the score would remain tied, Cincinnati Dutch Lions 2 Southern West Virginia King’s Warriors 2.
Cincinnati Dutch Lions Coach Terry Nicholl had this to say about the game. “I thought we were totally outplayed in the first half and I read them the ‘riot act’ at half time. I think I made four changes at half time which is really a lot, you normally shouldn’t have to make that many. Overall, I thought we coped a lot better in the second half. I thought we had a little better defensive energy, we built up nicely and we deserved to come back into the game. I think that we had as much of the game as our opponent in the second half which I couldn’t say in the first,even though we got an early lead again. Once again we fought back and that’s always a good trait. The other team was a very good squad, they’ve got good speed and they hold the ball very, very well. Full credit to them as well.”


The Cincinnati Dutch Lions will (2-0-3) host Southern West Virginia King’s Warriors (1-2-2)  again at home on Wednesday, June 11th at 7pm. They travel to Macpherson Stadium to play the Carolina Dynamo (3-1-1) at 7pm, on June 14th. For tickets and information go to



Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC-Southern West Virginia Kings Warriors 2=2


10’     1-0  Grant

21’     1-1  Upkong

32’     1-2  Upkong

50’    2-2  van Zaanen


Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC: Osswald, Desalvatore (Causey) (Gumbert), Meyer (Hill), Stovall, Petrick (DuPont), Harmon (Pierce), McClure, Smith, Halfhill, Grant, Walker (van Zaanen)


Southern West Virginia King’s Warriors: Davis, Upkong (Johnson), Doherty (Mackenna), Bardales (Payne), Asante, Fubara, Ramirez (Blackman), Steen, Robbins, Kremers (Hays), Ramsay


The Cincinnati Dutch Lions will be in action again at Xavier University Soccer Complex, this Wednesday, June 11th at 7pm. They travel to Macpherson Stadium to play the Carolina Dynamo (3-1-1) on Saturday, June 14th at 7pm.  For tickets and information go to





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