Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC Lose Their First Game of the Season


Cincinnati, OH,  June 27 2014. Cincinnati, OH….. The Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC (4-0-3) played host to the West Virginia Chaos (5-3-3) on a muggy night at Xavier Soccer Complex in Cincinnati Ohio.  Both teams were fighting for first place in the South Atlantic Division of the Premier Development League. A physical battle ensued and Cincinnati would fight to the end but would end up with their first loss of the season.


The Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC came out attacking and had several shots on goal in the first five minutes. West Virginia’s keeper Sean Teepen was up for the challenge and was able to send the balls back behind the goal. Cincinnati was unable to create anything from the corners. The Lions continued to create opportunities in West Virginia’s end frustrating the Chaos, but Teepen continued to come up big for West Virginia. This was apparent in the middle of the half when the Lions Rowin van Zaanen crossed high across the box to the waiting head of Jeff McClure, but the shot was blocked.  Kyle Smith fired off a rocket at the Chaos goal as well, only to find a waiting Teepen.  Although the Lions had more chances in the first half, the Chaos would be the first to score when in the forty fourth minute a quick transition from defense to offense gave the Chaos their opportunity. West Virginia’s Jake Szabo would find Nick McDonald down the right and as Lion’s keeper Eric Osswald came out McDonald would put the ball over him and into the back of the Lion’s net. The half would end with the West Virginia Chaos up by one over the Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC.


In the second half the Lions would go to the goal and van Zaanen would cross the ball to Steven Meyers who put a touch to the far post but again West Virginia’s Teepen would make the grab. In the fiftieth minute Cincinnati’s Jordan Grant would lose the ball and another quick transition from West Virginia would have Daniel Stratford running down the left, a quick cross in front of the Lions goal found Jake Szabo who would place the ball in the far left corner of the Lions goal for the Chaos’ second score of the night. In the sixty first and sixty fourth minutes the Lions would fire on the Chaos goal only to find Teepen or the crossbar. Cincinnati continued to press but the West Virginia defense and keeper remained tight and did not allow the Lions offense to take advantage of any opportunities. Any mistakes by Cincinnati saw West Virginia transition fast and the Lions were pushed back to their own end.  Finally in the eighty fifth minute Cincinnati’s Kevin Walker would go down the right side and put a ball in the air across the goal. The Lion’s Chris Harmon would be there to head the ball into the goal finally beating West Virginia’s Teepen and the Lions were on the board. In stoppage, the Lions would have a cross from Harmon find Garrett Halfhill but the ball would go high. The Cincinnati Dutch Lions would push forward and when the Lions lost the ball in the ninety fourth Dion Peters would be waiting to counter for the Chaos. He would have a one on one with Lions keeper Osswald and would put the final goal of the night into the net. The Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC would lose to the West Virginia Chaos by a score of 1-3.


Cincinnati’s Coach Terry Nicholls had this to say about the game.  “It’s a huge disappointment to suffer this first loss. We created more chances in our first loss than we have in a few of our other games. We had a few days off and I think that might have affected us a little bit. Even though they played last night, they seemed to be taking advantage on the counter when we would press. You have to put your chances in, or else you are going to be more susceptible, because you push more men forward and they came back on us on the break. I am not worried about the third goal because that was just us trying to get an equalizer at the end. The second goal after half time hurt me bad. I am going to be talking about that one because we missed a great chance on their end. We should have scored up there, but they ran down the other end and made it two to nothing. So instead of one to one it’s zero to two for them. That one was really, really frustrating. So far, the lads have done well and we have had a good season, but now it’s time to bounce back for our game on Sunday. I will be talking about wanting to score. It is disappointing to give up our unbeaten streak, we almost gave it away, that’s what I think.”


The Cincinnati Dutch Lions will (4-1-3) welcome the SC United Bantams (1-6-2) to the Xavier University Soccer Complex on Sunday, June 29th at 7pm. They travel to play the SC United Bantams (1-6-2) at the University of South Carolina’s Stone Stadium.  They return home on Saturday, July 5th at 7:30pm to play the Carolina Dynamo (4-3-1) at Xavier University.  For tickets and information go to



Stefan Beerens, Media Relations

Photo Credit:   Skyler Wilson


Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC-West Virginia Chaos 1-2


44’   McDonald (Szabo)  0-1

50’   Szabo (Stratford)    0-2

85’   Harmon (Walker)   1-2

94’   Peters                    1-3




Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC: Osswald, Desalvatore (Hill), Stovall, Harmon, DuPont (Meyer)(Walker), McClure, Smith, van Zaanen, Halfhill, Grant (Tanner), Gumbert (Causey)


West Virginia Chaos:  Teepen, McDonald (Hintz), Szabo, Stratford, Grable, Frota (Fabian), Smee (Noriega), Brent, Russell, Usse, Peters

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