CDL FC beat the Carolina Dynamo in final home game

Cincinnati, OH,  July 5 2014. The Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC (5-2-3) welcomed the Carolina Dynamo (4-4-1) to Xavier Soccer Complex in Cincinnati Ohio.  Cincinnati was hoping to finish their final home game in front of their fans with a win and they delivered. This win and the three points that came with it tie them with the West Virginia Chaos for first place in the South Atlantic Division of the United Soccer League.


The Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC and the Carolina Dynamo each came out trying to find an offensive rhythm. Both teams would build from the back and keep possession through the middle but would have trouble finishing that final pass that would give them space for a shot. Both teams applied pressure and both teams were battling hard for that inch. In the thirty second minute a corner kick would find Jeff McClure who would head the ball, sending it just over the net. As the first half continued very few shots were sent toward the goals, and any attempts were blocked by the opposing team. The half would end scoreless.


In the second half the Lions Jeff McClure would have a chance when a ball was sent in from the right and McClure would turn quickly with a left footed looping shot toward the Dynamo’s goal but the ball would go high. The Lions continued to press and in the fifty first minute they would find Rowin van Zaanen in the middle who battling with his defender would fire a shot on the ground into the back of the net to put the Lions on the board. The Dynamo would get a chance in the fifty seventh minute when when Fitzpatrick Bokar would break free and race down the left hand side. The Lions Jake Stovall would catch up and block the ensuing shot. They would get another chance in the sixty third when Carolina would create havoc in front of the Lions goal. Lion’s keeper, Eric Osswald would be there for the final shot. The Carolina Dynamo would continue to turn up the heat on the Cincinnati Dutch Lions, but their defense would continue to hold strong. Cincinnati would get a chance of their own in the seventy sixth minute and they would make the best of it as Chris Harmon would run down the right and pass in to a waiting van Zaanen who would push the ball with Carolina’s keeper Stephen Moffit holding on tight just over the goal line for the Lions second of the night.  In the eighty seventh minute the tides would turn a bit unluckily for the Carolina Cobras and a defender would pass back to the keeper who with pressure from Jeff Mcclure would have to watch as the ball rolled by into his net. Both teams would turn it up a notch and would have chances but they were unable to finish any additional balls and the game would end Cincinnati Dutch Lions 3 and the Carolina Cobras 0.


Cincinnati’s Coach Terry Nicholls had this to say about the game.  “Considering how we got beaten last time in the end, it was good to get the goals in the second half. We can finish a game strongly, that’s important. I was pretty satisfied with our possession and play. We played a little more simply in the second half and we were a bit more purposeful and that got us three goals. It was good to see the Captain, Rowin van Zaanen be involved with two of the goals. In the second half we came out and we were stronger and our Captain responded well. This game ties us for first and we just have to do it on the road now. We have been doing pretty well on the road and we just need to keep on thinking we can win. ”


The Cincinnati Dutch Lions will (4-1-3) travel to play the West Virginia Chaos on Friday, July 11th at 7pm. They continue their travels the next day when they play the Carolina Dynamo Saturday, July 12 at 7pm at their home field.  For tickets and information go to



Stefan Beerens, Media Relations

Photo Credit:   Curt Cosenza


Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC-Carolina Dynamo 2-0


51’   van Zaanen                    1-0

76’   van Zaanen, Harmon    2-0

87’   Own goal                        3-0





Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC: Osswald, Causey (Gumbert), DeSalvatore (Hill), Meyer, Stovall, Harmon (Walker), McClure, Smith (Petrick), van Zaanen (Tanner), Pierce (Grothaus), Halfhill


Carolina Dynamo:  Moffit, Grosh, Oakes, Bokar (Smith), Smith, Gueguen, Francois, Goodwin, Bonilla (Faytol), Richeme, Sandidge (M0rton)







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