CDL opens with a tie in Dayton (1-1)

May 23, 2016, Cincinnati, OHIO – The Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC picked up a point in the season opener in Dayton. The first rival game between the two Dutch Lions gave the crowd an entertaining game with Dayton being on the score board first with Anwar Tuithof scoring the first goal of the game giving Dayton a 1-0 lead in the 15th minute. Cincinnati answered quickly after the opening goal when Robert Andriot stepped up to fire a rocket tying up the game 1-1.

Cincinnati had he chance to get the lead when the ball was served to the second post from the right side and the ball was headed into goal but cleared off the line. Dayton had two chances themselves with Lewis Dunne hitting the post and Anwar Tuithof the crossbar from 25 yards out.

Dayton had another big chance right after the break when a ball was cleared on the goal line. Dayton was able to break free in the seventy fifth minute and run down the left side crossing into Patrick Philippart who got his head on the ball but it floated over the goal. Cincinnati could not create any major chances anymore keeping the game tied at 1-1.

Highlights of the game can be seen here.

ddl vs cdl

ddl vs cdl 3

Venue: DOC Stadium, Dayton
Attendance: 586
Weather: Partly Sunny 


Dayton-Tuithof (Cousin)   26’

Cincinnati-Andriot   15’


Cincinnati-Martyn Sayer-yellow   50’
Dayton-Mateus Gama-yellow   79’
Dayton-Mateus Gama-yellow   81’
Dayton-Mateus Gama-red   81’


Dayton Dutch Lions FC: Jones, Brezovsky, de Blank, Cousin, Linders (Gama 71’), Kershaw, Dunne (Philippart 59’), Lynch, Tuithof, Frasca, Kemjika (Nwabia 59’)

Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC: Wilson, Andriot, Best, Dupont, Elder (Vasquenza 77’), Hay, Melink (Clark 63’), Merhaut, Smythe (Meyer J 63’), Sayer, Stovall

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