Mason, OH (July 17, 2016)   The Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC (1-10-3  6 points) collapsed in the second half and were soundly defeated 5-1 by the Derby City Rovers (7-5-2  23 points).  The loss brings to close a very disappointing season that started brightly, but could not get turned around once the losses started to mount.

The Rovers and the Lions were meeting for the second time in six days. Play went end to end as both teams created opportunities, but the defenses of both teams were able to stop any good attempts on goal.

In the eleventh minute, a determined Lion, Chris Dupont flew down the left side and fired a shot from the left corner of the box. The ball, struck hard, skimmed the post and flew into the upper right corner of the Rover’s goal. Cincinnati took the lead 1-0.

Cincinnati almost doubled their lead as Chris Dupont found the ball at his feet after a corner. His half volley struck the crossbar and bounced out into the box, but the Lions in the area were unable to finish the rebound.

As the game continued, tackles were getting harder and numerous cautions were shown.  The game took a drastic turn when a Derby player was called for a foul and then shown a red card for his dissent.  The Lions had the lead and a man advantage.  Unfortunately, before the Lions could take advantage Dupont was shown back-to-back yellow cards for delaying a restart and a reckless tackle and was sent to the lockers.  With both teams down to 10 men each struggled to keep possession as the ebb and flow of the game was interrupted. The half ended; Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC 1, Derby City Rovers FC 0.

The second half both teams settled into their rhythm and neither team took control.  That changed in the fifty fifth minute, as Ryan Melink left the field with an eye injury. While he was off, the Rover’s Moustapha Fofana sent a ball across the Cincinnati goal and Dalton Knutson ran onto the ball on the left and sent a header down into the goal, tying up the game.

Derby City took advantage of the man advantage as Fofana dribbled untouched down the right side in the fifty sixth minute. One on one with the Cincinnati keeper,  he placed it in the back of the net. The Rovers took the lead 2-1.

Cincinnati started to turn the game around in the sixty sixth minute, going on the attack. Two chances were created in front of the Derby City goal, but both dribbled to the Rover’s keeper.

Cincinnati had another chance when Josh Grant carried a ball from the midfield in the seventy seventh. He played a give and go at the top of the box, shot, but the ball flew high.

The Lion’s Rudy Lumanza got his chance running down the left in the seventy ninth minute, but his strike went just over the crossbar.

With the Derby being able to withstand the pressure, they took control again in the eighty fourth minute. Alexis Phakasalo shot from distance and the ball hit the crossbar and bounced back. Ben Mendoza put the second ball handily past the Cincinnati keeper to put his team up by two.

Derby City followed up with a fourth goal in the eighty sixth minute with a strike by an open Aleksi Pahkasalo.

The Rovers finished their scoring in stoppage time. A ball that bounced over the foot of one of the Cincinnati defenders as he reached to stop a through ball set up Matias Pyysalo for a run. Seeing the Cincinnati keeper, he passed to Aleksi Pahkasalo on his left who passed the ball into the back of the net for goal number five.

The game ended; Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC 1, Derby City Rovers FC 5.

Assistant Coach Jack Hermans had this to say about the game: “Coming into the last game of the season, we had a good feeling about this. The first half was okay, up one nothing. In the second half we tried to play under control, but within a couple of minutes everything changed up. After that it looked like the energy went away. It’s hard to try and change the system up and apply full pressure, to try and create some chances. We were not successful. We were pretty successful in the first half, but in the second half when we had an injury, they scored two goals while we had nine men on the field. A lack of discipline in those moments, when we were trying to survive with one less player. After that we tried to change things up but the energy just wasn’t there. It’s been that kind of a season. Still hats off to the guys. It’s not their lack of work eithic. It’s just mentally draining when you are trying to be successful and nothing is going your way. In the second half they hit the crossbar and now it’s 2-1 and it changes around completely and it goes against us this time. And of course a little bit of risk taking by us at the end, and they took full advantage of that. And again, hats off to the guys. ”

Venue: Mason
Referee:  Noah Matos
Assistants: Nait Hegerty, Daviel Bova
Fourth Official: Adam Warner
Attendance: 128
Weather: Hot, 90’s


11’ Cincinnati-Chris Dupont 1-0  (assist Jake Meyer)
55’ Derby City-Dalton Knutson 1-1  (assist Moustapha Fofano)
56’ Derby City- Moustapha Fofana 1-2
84’ Derby City-Ben Mendoza 1-3  (assist Alexis Phakasalo)
86’ Derby City-Aleksi Pahkasalo 1-4
90+ Derby City-Aleksi Pahkasalo 1-5  (assist Matias Pysalo)

24’ Derby City- Keane McIver-yellow
32’-Derby City-Yudai Tashiro-yellow

33′-Derby City – Joe Adams (Asst. Coach) -red

34’ Derby City-Serge Gomis-red
36’-Cincinnati-Chris Dupont-yellow
39’-Cincinnati-Chris Dupont-yellow/red

Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC: Dane Wilson, Josh Grant, Jake Meyer, Christian Hay, Chris Dupont, Kurtis Martin (Martin Sayer 74’), Ryan Melink (Steven Meyer 83’), RJ Best (Nick Merhaut 70’), Jack Clark (Sergio Reyes 74’), Rudy Lamanza, Jake Stovall

Subs: Nick Merhaut, Sergio Reyes, Martin Sayer, Steven Meyer, Pedro Diaz

Derby City Rovers FC: Brandon Eagle, Jordan Bates, Nocholas Marcano, Aleksi Pahkasalo, Matias Pyysalo (Ben Mendoza 84’), Keane McIcer, Dalton Knutson, Moustapha Fofana, Renan Ramos (Robbe Tarver 68’), Sam Steikton (Serge Gomis), Yudai Tashiro

Subs: Serge Gomis, Robbe Tarver, Ben Mendoza, Stuart Ford

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