How do we build our team?

In an interview with new Technical Director Sid van Druenen he will give us some insight on how the club is going about building the 2017 PDL team.

CDLFC: How can players reach out and what would you like to see from them?

SvD: Players can email me at and they can expect an honest reply from me every time. I always like to read a little bit about their soccer background, motivation to play for us, their goals and off course a video link with some highlights from their most recent season.

CDLFC: You must receive a lot of player inquiries?

SvD: Yes, we do and that is okay, there are a lot of players out there looking for their opportunity to make the best out of their careers and we are just another platform for those players.

CDLFC: How do you make your selections?

SvD: First I see if players took the time to email me personally or if I am just one of the many emails on a list… Secondly I look at their video, research their stats and a lot of times I will reach out to their college coach (if the player plays or played in college). If all of the above interest me I will invite them for an invitational try out or maybe pre-season. We hardly ever sign a player based only on their video.

CDLFC: What type of players are you looking for?

SvD: We want players that will respect the club and our community. Guys that are willing to put in the extra work both on and off the field, with a winning mentality and that respond well to the disappointment of losing or not playing as much as they would like.

CDLFC: How do you expect your 2017 roster will look like?

SvD: Strong and competitive with a combination between the elite college player. some international flair and young local talent.

CDLFC: How do you go about building that roster?

SvD: First through a thorough selection of the player inquiries we receive, where some will be invited to our invite only try out on February 11th. Secondly, we host open try outs in the Netherlands on March 23rd and we will host open try outs here as well, that date is still TBD but will be announced soon. The third and most important way is through building strong relationships with the college programs and coaches, at the end of the day, we want to be the preferred destination of all top college players but especially the local ones so they can come home for the summer and play soccer at a very high level.

We want to thank Sid van Druenen for his time and are looking forward to starting our season!

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