The Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC is always looking for players that are interested to play at the highest level of amateur soccer in the USA, one step below the professional level. The regular season runs from the beginning of May to the 3rd week of July followed by playoffs for the teams that qualify.

With 14 regular season games, plus possible playoffs, in about 3 months, its a great league for college players to stay fit and compete at a very competitive level and a chance to be scouted (early) by professional teams. It is also a great league for international player looking to get recruited by colleges or professional teams through out the United States and Canada.

Click here if you want to find out more on what it means to play for the Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC.

In case you are interested in playing for the Cincinnati Dutch Lions FC for the 2018 PDL season please send a short email, resume and video link to and you might receive an invitation to attend the invitational try out.

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